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Supplemental Documents for Research Article: "Measures Used in Informed Decision Making About Cancer Screening: A Systematic Review"

This page contains supplemental documents referred to in the article, "Measures Used in Informed Decision Making About Cancer Screening: A Systematic Review," co-authored by CPCRN investigators* in 2006.

*Please direct any related inquiries to authors listed in citation below.


Mullen PD, Allen JD, Glanz K, Fernandez ME, Bowen DJ, Pruitt SL, Glenn BA, Pignone M. (2006). Measures used in studies of informed decision making about cancer screening:  A systematic review.  [Special Issue]. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 32(3), 188-201. doi: 10.1207/s15324796abm3203_4. PMID: 17107291.


Interventions to promote informed decision making (IDM) for cancer screening are increasingly common. The resulting body of literature provides an opportunity for a systematic review of measures in use. We searched standard databases for intervention trials and other studies of screening decisions and decision aids, finding 2110 unique citations (most with abstracts) that we reduced to 104 full-text articles; 36 studies met inclusion criteria (prostate=20, colorectal=9, breast=6, cervical=1). Two independent coders abstracted data on study characteristics, constructs, and measures. Our findings revealed that most studies measured screening (or intention) and knowledge; fewer measured recommended IDM-related constructs, and none measured all outcomes proposed for evaluating IDM interventions. Validity and reliability of measures received inadequate attention in study reports, conceptual overlap exists among measures, and few IDM measures have been developed/carefully adapted from treatment measures and tested for cancer screening or in diverse populations. We recommend that new and in-progress studies emphasize outcomes beyond knowledge — participation in decision-making according to personal preference, satisfaction with the process, and consistency between decisions and values. Also needed is better use of theory to guide conceptualization and operationalization of measures, greater attention to reliability and validity (particularly in diverse populations), more thorough reporting of sources and operating characteristics of measures, and increased emphasis and resources focused on these issues by funders, researchers, and journal editors.

Review search strategies for PubMed, CINAHL, and PsycInfo

PubMed Search Strategy:
Search ((patient education OR “informed decision” OR “informed decisions” OR “informed choice” OR “informed choices” OR self-efficacy OR “Decision Making”[MeSH:NoExp] OR “deci-sion making”) AND (mass screening OR “screening”) AND (breast neoplasms OR mammogra-phy OR “breast examination” OR “breast examinations” OR cervical neoplasms OR vaginal smears OR pap OR papanicolaou OR colorectal neoplasms OR colonoscopy OR sigmoido-scopy OR occult blood OR prostatic neoplasm OR prostate specific antigen OR PSA)) NOT ge-netic screening[major] Limits: Publication Date from 2003/01/01 to 2005/11/1, English

PubMed actually runs the search this way:
(((“patient education”[MeSH Terms] OR patient education[Text Word]) OR “informed deci-sion”[All Fields] OR “informed decisions”[All Fields] OR “informed choice”[All Fields] OR “in-formed choices”[All Fields] OR (“self efficacy”[MeSH Terms] OR self-efficacy[Text Word]) OR “Decision Making”[MeSH:noexp] OR “decision making”[All Fields]) AND ((“mass screen-ing”[MeSH Terms] OR mass screening[Text Word]) OR “screening”[All Fields]) AND ((“breast neoplasms”[MeSH Terms] OR breast neoplasms[Text Word]) OR (“mammography”[MeSH Terms] OR mammography[Text Word]) OR “breast examination”[All Fields] OR “breast exami-nations”[All Fields] OR ((“cervix neoplasms”[TIAB] NOT Medline[SB]) OR “cervix neo-plasms”[MeSH Terms] OR cervical neoplasms[Text Word]) OR (“vaginal smears”[MeSH Terms] OR vaginal smears[Text Word]) OR pap[All Fields] OR papanicolaou[All Fields] OR (“colorectal neoplasms”[MeSH Terms] OR colorectal neoplasms[Text Word]) OR (“colonoscopy”[MeSH Terms] OR colonoscopy[Text Word]) OR (“sigmoidoscopy”[MeSH Terms] OR sigmoido-scopy[Text Word]) OR (“occult blood”[MeSH Terms] OR occult blood[Text Word]) OR ((“prostatic neoplasms”[TIAB] NOT Medline[SB]) OR “prostatic neoplasms”[MeSH Terms] OR prostatic neoplasm[Text Word]) OR ((“prostate-specific antigen”[TIAB] NOT Medline[SB]) OR “prostate-specific antigen”[MeSH Terms] OR prostate specific antigen[Text Word]) OR PSA[All Fields])) NOT “genetic screening”[MeSH Major Topic] AND English[Lang] AND (“2003/01/01″[PDAT] : “2005/11/1″[PDAT])

CINAHL Search Strategy:
(((((((((MH “Breast Examination+”)) or (MH “Cervical Smears+”)) or (MH “Prostate-Specific Anti-gen”)) or (MH “Mammography”)) or (MH “Colonoscopy+”)) or (MH “Occult Blood”)) or (MH “Breast Neoplasms+”)) or (MH “Cervix Neoplasms”)) or (MH “Prostatic Neoplasms”) AND (MH “Cancer Screening”) AND (((MH “Decision Making, Patient”)) or (MH “Self-Efficacy”)) or (MH “Health Education”)

PsycINFO Search Strategy:
Screening AND (patient education OR informed decision* OR self-efficacy OR decision making) AND (((breast OR cervix OR colorectal OR rectal OR anus OR anal gland OR Sigmoid OR prostate*) AND (cancer or neoplasm*)) OR mammography OR vaginal smear* OR PAP OR pa-panicolaou OR colonoscopy OR sigmoidoscopy OR occult blood OR prostate-specific atigen OR PSA)

Table Summarizing Study Characteristics

As needed, download this resource for additional information/guidance around study characteristics, covering everything from design to intervention, and sample to and constructs measured.

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Affiliate Member Policy and Application

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