Putting Public Health Evidence in Action Training Workshop

The CPCRN has created an interactive training curriculum to support community program planners and health educators in developing skills in using evidence-based approaches and learning about new tools for planning and evaluating community health interventions. This page includes resources for planning and delivering a “Putting Public Health Evidence in Action” training workshop with a Facilitator’s Guide and support materials. For a more detailed training description, click here.

Click here to download all of the files associated with this training workshop in one click, or  you may download and view individual files below.

Putting Public Health Evidence in Action Training Files

  1. One-page Training Description (doc)
  2. Training Workshop Facilitator’s Guide (doc)
  3. Introduction (ppt)
  4. Session 1: Defining Evidence (ppt)
  5. Session 2: Community Assessment
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. Worksheet (doc)
  6. Session 3: Planning for Evaluation
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. Worksheet (doc)
  7. Session 4: Finding Evidence-Based Approaches
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. Using the Community Guide and RTIPs Worksheet (doc)
    3. Using the Community Guide and RTIPs Activity Handout (ppt)
    4. Using the Community Guide and RTIPs Answer Key (doc)
  8. Session 5: Selecting Evidence-based Approach (EBA) with the Best Fit
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. EBA Comparison Tool (doc)
    3. Comparison Tool Activity with Nutrition Programs (doc)
    4. Methods to Use to Influence Determinants (doc)
  9. Session 6: Adapting an Evidence-based Approach to Fit Your Community
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. Adaptation Planning Tool (doc)
    3. Adaptation Planning Tool Instructions (doc)
    4. Adaptation Planning Tool – StairWELL Program Activity (doc)
    5. StairWELL to Better Health (doc)
    6. Adaptation Planning Tool – Smoke and Tobacco-free Policy Activity (doc)
    7. Guide to Implementing Pillar #1: Tobacco Use (pdf)
    8. Smoke and Tobacco-free Policy Example (pdf)
  10. Session 7: Implementing and Evaluating Evidence-based Strategies
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. Organizational Readiness Checklist for Implementation (doc)
    3. Example Work Plan: Body and Soul Program (doc)
    4. Evaluation Work Plan Activity: Tobacco Use Prevention Policy – Process Steps (doc)
    5. Implementation and Evaluation Work Plan: Tobacco Use Prevention Policy – Activity (doc)
    6. Evaluation Designs, Evaluating Programs, Policy, Systems and Environmental Interventions – Handout (doc)
  11. Optional Session 1: Using Quality Improvement Strategies to Implement an Intervention  NEW
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. PDSA Cycle Handout (doc)
    3. PDSA Tracking Tool (doc)
    4. Charter Template (doc)
  12. Optional Session 2: Creating a Communication Plan  NEW
    1. Slides (ppt)
    2. Communication Plan Template (doc)
  13. Glossary: Putting Public Health Evidence In Action Workshop (doc)
  14. Resource List (doc)

You may download all of the files associated with this training workshop in one click here, or click on the individual files above.  If you download all of the files at once, find the file CPCRN Evidence in Action Training.zip in your downloads folder and open it, it should extract all of the files to your hard drive.

Additional Resources  NEW

Online Trainings

Introduction to Evaluation Module 1. This 15-minute module is the first in a two-part series designed to introduce the basic steps of program evaluation to public health professionals. The modules provides an overview of engaging stakeholders, describing the program, and focusing the evaluation design.http://nciph.sph.unc.edu/tws/HEP_EVAL1/certificate.php

Introduction to Evaluation Module 2. This 25-minute module is the second in a two-part series designed to introduce the basic steps of program evaluation to public health professionals. The module provides an overview of gathering credible evidence, justifying conclusions, and ensuring use and sharing lessons learned. http://nciph.sph.unc.edu/tws/HEP_EVAL2/certificate.php