Google Drive

Note: Project Directors should confirm that a Gmail address has not been added to the CPCRN directory.

Access to Workgroups’ collaboration folders on Google Drive is determined by your Directory entry. You will have access to any workgroups (and their associated Drive collaboration folders) that are checked in your CPCRN directory entry. If you want to be added to a workgroup, contact your Network Center’s Project Director or the Coordinating Center.

When you first subscribe to a workgroup, you will receive an invitation to that workgroup’s Google Drive folder. If you click on the link in the email invitation and it says you don’t have access to the folder, what is probably going on is that you are subscribed to the Drive folders with your work email address. However, if you use any other Google services on your computer, when you go to Drive (even if you click on the invitation link you receive at your work email), Drive will say you do not have access to that folder, because you don’t have access with your Gmail address, to which Drive is logged in by default.

So, there are two options:

1. You can create a Google Drive account associated with your work address (by going to and selecting the signup option). If you do this, you’ll have to log out of your default Google account and in with your work address every time you want to access CPCRN Drive files. Most people find the logging in/out of different accounts multiple times a day cumbersome, so they choose option 2 below.

2. Add your default Gmail address to your CPCRN Directory entry. You need to ask the Project Director at your site, or the Coordinating Center to do this. It will never be displayed publicly in the directory, but it will automatically change all of your Drive subscriptions to your Gmail address. Any new Drive Invitations (like when you’re added to a workgroup) will be sent to your Gmail address, and you can click on them to go directly to a folder, or you can just go to Drive and the folders should be there (click on “Shared with me” on the left navigation if you don’t see the folders right away).  We have created Google Drive folders for all CPCRN4 workgroups. Please contact the Coordinating Center if you have need for additional Drive folders.

Depending on how your account is set up, you should be able to see your subscribed Drive folders by going to, and clicking on “Shared with me” in the left hand navigation). You can also click on the link in the invitation you were emailed to be sent directly to the folder. If you click the “Add to Drive” button at the upper right, the folder will thereafter be listed under “My Drive” in Google Drive.

Workgroups use Drive to share and collaborate on files. Meeting minutes should be stored in the Meeting Minutes sub-folder in each workgroup’s Drive folder. If your group has recorded Adobe Connect meetings, there will be a document in the Drive folder with links to stream those recordings.

Updated 7-8-15