CPCRN annual meeting in Denver, October 2013

CPCRN members gathered in Denver, Colorado in early October 2013. In light of the government shutdown, we audio-recorded the meeting’s presentations and discussions so that people unable to attend could listen after the fact. We’ve posted that audio here along with the presentations from the meeting. The audio recordings include the lively discussions after the presentations, with a second microphone passed around the audience to record the discussion.

A few caveats about the audio: people spoke at varying volumes and varying distances from the microphone, so the volume level on the recordings may vary and some people will be easier to hear than others. In some (but not all) of the recordings, may notice a crackling sound (that just wasn’t there during testing) – we have done our best to process the audio to reduce this effect and maximize listenability.

If you click on the audio (MP3) files below, they should play streaming in your browser. If you right click on them, you can download them to your computer for later listening.

CPCRN Welcome, Introductions, and Accomplishments
(Kurt Ribisl)
CPCRN Denver 2013 Network Accomplishments (PowerPoint Presentation, 1.5MB)
CPCRN Denver 2013 Welcome and Accomplishments Audio (MP3, 9MB)  

My Own Health Record Panel, Preliminary Findings and Future Directions
(Russ Glasgow, Marcia Ory, Maria Fernandez, Beth Glenn, Catherine Rohweder)
MOHR Denver 2013 Project Update (PowerPoint Presentation, 2MB)
MOHR Denver 2013 Preliminary Results (PowerPoint Presentation, 1 MB)
MOHR Denver 2013 Case Study (PowerPoint Presentation, 1MB)
MOHR Denver 2013 Lessons Learned (PowerPoint Presentation, 0.5MB)
MOHR Presentations Audio (MP3, 79MB)

Federally Qualified Health Centers Workgroup
(Shin-Ping Tu, Maria Fernandez, Daniela Friedman)
FQHC Denver 2013 Workgroup Update (PowerPoint Presentation, 1.5MB)
FQHC Denver 2013 WG EBI results (PowerPoint Presentation, 1MB)
FQHC Denver 2013 QIS Subgroup (PowerPoint Presentation, 2MB)
FQHC Denver 2013 South Carolina CPCRN PEOA (PowerPoint Presentation, 0.5MB)
FQHC Denver 2013 Breakout Discussion (PowerPoint Presentation, 1MB)
FQHC Presentations Audio (MP3, 73MB)

MIYO (Make It Your Own), health disparities, and the “Long Tail” of cancer communication
(Matt Kreuter)
MIYO Denver 2013 Long Tail (PDF Presentation, 7MB)
MIYO Presentation Audio (MP3, 42MB)  

A Tribute to Toni Yancey
(Roshan Bastani, Denise Woods)
CPCRN Denver 2013 Yancey Tribute (PowerPoint Presentation, 12MB)
CPCRN Denver 2013 Yancey Tribute Audio (MP3, 25MB) 

CPCRN Retrospective
A photo slideshow (with music) celebrating the many years, many members, and many meetings of CPCRN, prepared by Rebecca Williams with photos from all of YOU!
CPCRN Photo Retrospective Slideshow (PowerPoint Presentation with music, 150MB) 

Closed Steering Committee Meeting
Click here for the audio recording; Password Required – look for it in your email, or email Rebecca Williams for the password. 

Colorectal Cancer Control Program Workgroup: 2012 Survey Results and Next Steps
(Peggy Hannon, Cam Escoffery, Annette Maxwell)
CRCCP Denver 2013 Workgroup Update (PowerPoint Presentation, 1.5MB)
CPCRN Denver 2013 CRCCP Presentation Audio (MP3, 30MB) 

Technology Showcase

DataSpark: An online tool for visualizing cancer registry data
(Matt Kreuter)
DataSpark Denver 2013 (PDF Presentation, 1MB)
CPCRN Denver 2013 DataSpark Presentation Audio (MP3, 13MB)

Counter Tools: Advancing place-based public health through information technology
(Kurt Ribisl)
CounterTools Denver 2013 (PowerPoint Presentation, 20MB)
CPCRN Denver 2013 CounterTools Presentation Audio (MP3, 23MB)