CPCRN Spring Meeting in Chicago, May 2016

In year 2 of CPCRN4, the network held a Spring Meeting in Chicago.  Click the links below to view AdobeConnect recordings and download PowerPoint presentations for each session.  Audio recordings may be requested through the Coordinating Center.

Meeting Agenda

Welcome and Work-in-Progress Presentations
Work-in-Progress Presentations (AdobeConnect recording of all workgroup presentations)

  • Welcome starts at 0:00 (Weiner)
  • FQHC Presentation starts at 5:55 (Friedman)
  • Tobacco/Lung Cancer Screening Presentation starts at 19:38 (Zeliadt, Flocke)
  • Cervical Cancer Screening Presentation starts at 43:36 (Glanz)
  • CDC Cancer Screening Programs Presentation starts at 1:04:00 (Hannon)
  • Community Implementation Presentation starts at 1:140:07 (Leeman, Shannon)
  • Modeling EBI Impact Presentation starts at 2:07:39 (Davis, Wheeler)
  • HPV Presentation starts at 2:35:35 (Vanderpool)

FQHC Signature Project
(Daniela Friedman)
FQHC Signature Project Work-in-Progress (PowerPoint Presentation)
FQHC Work Session, Day 1 (AdobeConnect Recording)
FQHC Work Session, Day 2 (AdobeConnect Recording)

HPV Signature Project
(Sue Curry, Robin Vanderpool, Heather Brandt)
HPV Signature Project Work-in-Progress (PowerPoint Presentation)
HPV Work Session, Day 1 (AdobeConnect Recording)
HPV Work Session, Day 2  (AdobeConnect Recording)

CDC Cancer Screening Programs Workgroup
(Peggy Hannon)
CDC Cancer Screening Programs Work-in-Progress (PowerPoint Presentation)
CDC Cancer Screening Programs Work Session (AdobeConnect Recording)

Cervical Cancer Screening Workgroup
(Karen Glanz)
Cervical Cancer Screening Work-in-Progress (PowerPoint Presentation)

Community Implementation Workgroup
(Jackie Shannon, Kerri Winters-Stone, Jennifer Leeman)
Community Implementation Work-in-Progress (PowerPoint Presentation)

Modeling EBI Impact Workgroup
(Stephanie Wheeler, Melinda Davis)
Modeling EBI Impact Work-in-Progress (PowerPoint Presentation)

Tobacco/Lung Cancer Screening Workgroup
(Sue Flocke, Steve Zeliadt)
Tobacco/Lung Cancer Screening Work-in-Progress (PowerPoint Presentation)

D&I Training Sessions
(David Chambers, Wynne Norton, Bryan Weiner)
Designs (AdobeConnect Recording)
Designs (PowerPoint Presentation)
Methods/Measurement (AdobeConnect Recording)
Methods/Measurement (PowerPointPresentation)