CPCRN Spring Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC, May 2018

In May 2018, the members of CPCRN4 held a Spring Meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Click the links below to view PowerPoint presentations for each session.  Audio recordings may be requested through the Coordinating Center.

Meeting Agenda

Work-in-Progress Presentations 
Cancer Screening Navigation Workgroup (Barrington)
Organizational Theory Framework for Implementation Workgroup (Birken)
Rural Cancer Workgroup (Eberth/Vanderpool)
Tobacco/Lung Cancer Screening Workgroup (Flocke)
Modeling Evidence Based Intervention Impact Workgroup (Wheeler)
Federally Qualified Health Centers Workgroup (Friedman/Rohweder)
Multiple Cancer Prevention/Control Interventions Workgroup Concept (Glanz)

Other Sessions
Funder Updates – NCI (Chambers/Vinson) and CDC (A. White)
Partnering with Other Thematic Networks – PAPRN+ (Perry) and NOPREN (Baquero)