CPCRN Spring Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC, May 2017

In May 2017, the members of CPCRN4 held a Spring Meeting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  Click the links below to view PowerPoint presentations for each session.  Audio recordings may be requested through the Coordinating Center.

Meeting Agenda

Work-in-Progress Presentations 
FQHC Signature Project (Rohweder)
HPV Signature Project (Vanderpool)
CDC Cancer Screening Workgroup (Hannon)
Cervical Cancer Screening Workgroup (Alber)
Implementing Evidence Into Action Workgroup (Leeman, Winters-Stone)
Modeling EBI Impact Workgroup (Wheeler)
Tobacco/Lung Cancer Screening Workgroup (Flocke)

Center-Specific Project/Strengths Presentations
Case Western Reserve University (Flocke)
Oregon Health and Science University (Shannon)
University of Iowa  (Seegmiller)
University of Kentucky (Vanderpool)
University of North Carolina (Leeman)
University of Pennsylvania (Glanz)
University of South Carolina (Friedman)
University of Washington (Hannon)

Other Sessions
Re-envisioning Network/Workgroup Structure (Richardson)
Defining High Priority Questions for the CPCRN (Vinson)
Measuring Impact of the CPCRN (M. White)
CDC Impact Table (M. White)