Adobe Connect Meeting Instructions

CPCRN members are encouraged to use Adobe Connect to facilitate more rich meetings; it goes beyond the typical conference call to facilitate easy webinars, document sharing, screen sharing, webcam sharing, and more. It allows you to be face to face with your collaborators and work on documents together, diminishing the miles between us all. 

To schedule or cancel an Adobe Connect call, please contact Becky Lee.  Becky will confirm the details of the call. A phone line will be assigned for the call, and the call will be added to the CPCRN calendar. Participant codes may change from meeting to meeting so refer all participants to the CPCRN calendar for the most up-to-date information. Since Adobe Connect calls require a coordinating center host, please schedule calls a minimum of one week in advance to ensure that a host is available. Please forward documents in PDF format, web links, and other items to be shared during the meeting to Becky at least one day before the scheduled meeting so that the items can be uploaded to the Adobe Connect meeting room.

If you are leading an upcoming CPCRN meeting or conference call and would like to learn more about Adobe Connect’s capabilities, read more about it’s features here and see some frequently asked questions here. You can also contact Becky Lee or Rebecca Williams to find out more about specifically how hosting a meeting works with CPCRN and how to get one scheduled.

If you are attending an Adobe Connect meeting, read on:

Please plan on connecting to this meeting from your computer using Adobe Connect to facilitate collaboration. You needn’t have a webcam to join this meeting, but it is recommended.

We strongly encourage you to get a webcam if you don’t already have one. There are many quality webcams on the market in a wide range of prices; to make it easy for you, we have picked two well reviewed webcams to recommend. Both are compatible with both PCs and Macs, have built in microphones, and HD video. The budget option is approximately $25 for a 720p webcam, the other is approximately $75 for a 1080p webcam. Either is a fine choice, or you can use one already installed with your computer or any other model of your choice.

If you will be away from your computer, you can connect to the meeting via the Adobe Connect Mobile App to participate fully in the meeting, or simply connect to the audio of the meeting by phone.

The ideal way to connect to this meeting is: via computer for the visual aspect of the meeting, and via phone for audio.  

Please test out your connection well in advance of the meeting, and connect to the meeting 5 minutes early to minimize the time spent during the meeting getting everyone connected.

If you will be unable to connect to the call via computer at all, you can still participate in the call via telephone – but please try to be at you computer if possible to facilitate visual aids and document sharing.

Brief connection details are included for your quick reference here, and see below for more detailed instructions.

The Adobe Connect Meeting Room:  where “groupname” is replaced by your group’s brief name or acronym, e.g. “fqhc”.  This link should be included with your meeting invitation email and on the CPCRN Calendar. Once you connect, it will prompt the connection to the meeting Audio and give you options for using your computer or phone to do so.

Audio conference line for people connecting via phone only (if you’re visiting the link above, it will prompt your phone audio connection, see details below), please use the phone number and participant code listed on the CPCRN calendar.

Please, when you are connected to the meeting, mute your phone and computer audio unless you are speaking to minimize disruptive background noise.


Here is what you need to know to connect to the meeting:


The video conference uses Adobe Connect Pro, which runs via components already included in most web browsers. It should not require any software installation. However, it operates even better and uses less bandwidth to display webcams if you add a browser add-in for optimal performance. Please visit to test your connection in advance of the meeting. If an add-in is recommended, the test will alert you and you can install it with just a click. Also bear in mind that without the add-in, some people may experience choppiness or brief disconnections from audio or video of the meeting – if you do, please install the add-in. If your IT department has limited your ability to install software on your computer, you may need an IT admin to install the add-in for you.

You can enter the meeting room at any time here: (where “groupname” is replaced by your group’s brief name or acronym, e.g. “fqhc”)

You will not need a special login, just type your name and enter as a guest. You can literally connect to it at any time (even right now!) and you will see the ‘meeting room’ with zones laid out for displaying of shared files and a chat area and so on – but there will be no content until a host is in the room with you.


Wait for the web meeting to connect your audio – it will give you the option of doing audio via your computer (requires a microphone), dialing the conference line (it will give you a phone number and participant code). Please allow the meeting to connect your audio in this way rather than calling in separately using the phone details above. If you call in separately, you may be listed twice in the participant list and/or your video feed may not be highlighted when you’re talking.

We recommend connecting to the audio via phone if possible, the sound quality should be better than audio via your computer.  

Once your audio is connected, if you are using the phone for audio, please mute your computer speakers or you will get echoes and feedback. And regardless of how you’re connected to audio, please mute your speakers/phone when you are not speaking to minimize audio disturbances on the call.  If you are connecting via mobile phone, please set all sounds/notifications/ringtones on your phone to mute, not just vibrate – otherwise the vibration of your phone when you receive unrelated message notifications may be heard by everyone on the call, disrupting presentations.

Connecting without a computer

If you will not be near a computer for the meeting, you can connect via phone-only using the phone number and participant code listed for the meeting on the CPCRN calendar.

During the meeting

You can easily turn on and off your speakers or your microphone with the icons at the top of the screen. And if you click on the icon that looks like a person with their hand raised, you can indicate you want to speak with a raised hand, you can agree/disagree, you can set your status to “stepped away”, and you can also give feedback to the speakers, like speak louder/softer, and speed up/slow down.

You can also use the chat pod to type messages to be seen by the entire group, or you can send private messages directly to the host. Please keep in mind that private messages appear hidden in another tab and the user may not see the notification for them right away.


For more help with Adobe Connect For your reference, you can find How To help topics for Adobe Connect meeting participants at the link below, and you can click on the topics below to go directly to specific pages:

Please test out your settings prior to the call so that we don’t spend the first 20 minutes of the call getting everybody connected.  And don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or problems.