Outlook Users

Outlook users: if you are having trouble using the CPCRN Email Members feature because it creates an email in Outlook with addresses separated by commas instead of semicolons, changing a setting in Outlook should address this issue:

For Outlook 2016 Users (Windows)

  • In Outlook 2016, select Options from the File menu.
  • On the Mail tab, scroll to Send Messages.
  • Make sure "commas can be used to separate mutiple email recipients" is checked.
For Older Version of Outlook
  • In Outlook, select Options from the Tools menu
  • On the Preferences tab, select Email Options
  • Click the Advanced Email Options button
  • Make sure "allow comma as address separator" is checked.

Once you change this setting, email addresses entered in "address1,address2,address3" format should automatically be changed by Outlook to "address1; address2; address3" format when you move to the body of your email message.  Click here to go back to the Email Members page.