Jackilen Shannon, PhD, RD, Oregon Health & Science University

ShannonJackilen Shannon is the Director of the Integrated Program in Community Research, Director of OHSU’s Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Community and Collaboration Core and Director of Community-Engaged Research at the Knight Cancer Institute. Her research program has three areas of focus. First, her work in nutritional and molecular epidemiology focuses on the impact of environmental risk factors, primarily dietary intake, on the early development of disease. This research also expands into the broader role of metabolic factors, including obesity and fat distribution on disease risk. Additionally, she contributes methodologic expertise in the development and conduct of observational studies, including case-control and cohort studies and clinical trials. Second, she developed and expanded an education and research program, Let’s Get Healthy!, that provides personalized health education to school children and adults through an interactive health fair. This program supports the development and maintenance of a population-based anonymous data repository for academic and community use while also providing tailored, community-friendly feedback about individuals’ multiple cancer risk factors, including dietary intake and body composition while also offering specific information on risky behaviors for skin and lung cancer. Finally, as an epidemiologist, her work has largely utilized population based methodologies, with a long-term goal of translation to the community and policy. To this end, she has worked toward developing a formal mechanism for working collaboratively with community groups and hospital systems in Central Oregon and the North Coast region to bring the power of academic research to community level decision-making. The result of this work has been the establishment of Research Coalitions which employ a liaison who works closely with community leaders to identify areas of research need, and with academic institutions to identify investigators able to assist.


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