Angela Carman, DrPH, University of Kentucky

Angela Carman FinalAngela Carman, DrPH, is an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky, College of Public Health, in the Health Behavior and Society department. She also serves as a public health management consultant and facilitator working with local health departments and hospitals in accreditation readiness activities such as community health assessment, community health improvement planning and strategic planning. Her research interests include strategies for organizing and financing public health services, public health leadership, community engagement and quality improvement. Dr. Carman is certified as a Human Resources Professional by the Society of Human Resources Management, certified as a Healthcare Executive by the American College of Healthcare Executives and certified as a Quality Improvement Associate by the American Society for Quality. Prior to coming to UK, Dr. Carman served as CEO of Saint Joseph Berea (formerly Berea Hospital) in Berea, Kentucky.


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